“Enough about me. Let’s talk about you. What do you think about me?” —– 27 Common Traits of Narcissism

At the beginning of this year, my neighbor and I started a podcast called TEA of Life Podcast. This is something that we had been wanting to do for a while and had been talking about quite a bit, so we decided to take the plunge; jump in with both feet and just do it. Since then, it has been a fun and exciting ride. We never realized how much work goes into making a podcast, but with a little (ok, a lot) adjustment to our schedules and then, ultimately, our attitudes (which we never saw coming), we are growing fast, and every episode we release is our absolute favorite.

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Week, we released episode #25 of our podcast, and we talked about narcissism. Narcissism is a personality disorder that is documented to affect only about 6% of our population; however, once you read some of the traits listed below of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), you will immediately realize that the actual percentage is much higher than documented. This reason is that, in order to have a narcissist diagnosed with NPD, you have to first convince them that something is actually wrong with them, and this is near impossible, as narcissists tend to believe that the problems are with everyone else. Once you realize what true narcissism is, you will realize that there are more people who acquire this than actually documented.

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The Start of Our Homeschooling Journey

If you’ve ever thought about homeschooling, chances are you think about it a lot during the Spring. There’s something about Spring that initiates growth, new beginnings; fresh starts. Maybe it’s the newly blossoming trees, budding shrubs, or the yellow powdery dust that will soon cover and smother everything in sight. Maybe it’s the start of analyzing the past few months of your child’s current school. For any reason, this is usually the time of year when I hear moms talk about homeschooling their children for the first time.

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Forgiveness For Real

We all know what it means to forgive, right? I mean to really, wholly, completely, and fully forgive… Throughout our lifespan, we are all challenged with the need to forgive on a daily basis – for things both big and small, but it wasn’t until this past year that I was faced with the challenge of forgiveness more than ever before. That’s when I began to seek the Bible and wise council for answers.

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The Big Reveal

In a previous post, The Dangers of Journaling, I briefly mentioned how God and I started on a journey last April 2016. The big reveal is that I was (am) dealing with some major life-long issues that were (but are no longer) leading to depression; not severely, but I can see that I was well on my way. Through the healing process, God is teaching me to be transparent as He continues to form my story. It’s super hard! The good news is that I am no longer dealing with the depression; however, the source still remains (and for all of you who went there, my husband is NOT the source.) As I began to track back through my prior months, I was able to pinpoint almost when it started. It was at that point, it all began to make absolutely perfect sense; thus, promptly beginning my long, grueling, healing process.

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Growing Kids to Be Great Leaders

Today, growing our kids to be great leaders could be more important than ever before. I am not sure that there has ever been a time where it has seemed to be more imperative to focus on a new generation of upcoming leaders. For anyone who truly knows me, you will know that I am passionate about quality leadership. It is at the foremost of my mind most of the time. I feel that every decision that I make, in both my professional and personal life, boils down to what kind of leader I want to be, and I desire for those thoughts and desires to trickle down to my children as well.

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My Pursuit of Minimalism

As I look back through my articles over the years, it seems that I have been chasing a more simple lifestyle for longer than I can remember. In December of 2010, I wrote an article called De-cide to De-clutter – Minimalism – part one, and then another in March of 2013 called De-cide to De-clutter – Minimalism – part two, and these articles came long after I had begun my original quest years before. Now, about six years later, I find myself still on the quest to de-clutter, minimize, and simplify my surroundings, schedule, and life. I am finding that this is a life-long quest that may actually never come to an end.

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The Dangers of Journaling

As I sit outside, alone with my coffee, and welcome the coolness of the early morning sunrise, I realize that Fall is just around the corner, and it makes me semi-reflect on the quickly passing summer. This summer has been a hard one, but one that has been way overdue. God and I started on a journey in April, and I haven’t looked back. He has been with me all the way, leading me, guiding me, pushing me, and then holding me when I feel beaten; like I can’t do it anymore and need to rest. The rest periods have been short and very sweet, and God has never allowed time for me to become complacent before sending me back to the battlefield. This fight has been really hard, but I know that it will be well worth it in the end.

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7 Quick Boundaries That Will Change Your Life Starting Today:

We wp-1469631236231.jpegaren’t naturally born with healthy boundaries, and if you have ever been the parent of a newborn baby, you would probably agree – sleepless nights, constantly being on call, never feeling like you can leave the house… However, on the contrary, if you are the parent of a toddler or teen, you may disagree and think otherwise. Setting healthy boundaries does not begin and end with our children. It is a forever lifestyle that impacts every area of our lives and is vital to our emotional health and wellbeing.

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Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers – Why I refuse to socialize my kids:

wp-1466858154237.jpgWhenever someone finds out that we are a homeschooling family, the very first question they seem to ask is this, “What do you do for socialization?” It’s funny how just one small, simple question can make someone feel totally inadequate. For years, I would react to those six words as if I was standing face to face with a judge; needing to explain my way out of a speeding ticket.

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Benched – When you find yourself on the sidelines of life

wp-1466872580183.jpegHave you ever been on the side lines of a game, just waiting for the perfect time to jump in and play along? Do you know what it’s like to sit and stare longingly onto the field while others play the game, all the while thinking that the season was going to end before you were able to show your talents and play along?  Continue reading

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